Paris Hilton will go on trial for stealing jewelry

Paris Hilton will go on trial for stealing jewelryJewelry company Damiani has filed a lawsuit against Paris Hilton. Secular lioness accuse that it has not complied with the terms of the contract issued and appropriated hire her jewelry worth $60 thousand.The lawsuit was brought to court the well-known German insurance company. So far, the amount of damage to the jewelry company, not reported. As it became known, decorations Paris took back in 2007-m to year, and pledged to keep them safe and protected. But a year later the jewelry was stolen from her home, as Paris had forgotten to close the door. Despite the fact that the police tracked down the missing, the Hilton did not return the jewelry to the rightful owner.Paris is not the only star who is accused of stealing jewelry. Читать полностью -->

Sandra Bullock has mutilated himself plasticity

Sandra Bullock has mutilated himself plasticityLatest photos of Sandra Bullock, made the paparazzi became a real shock for fans of the stars: on the face of the beautiful actress got a bruise - Yes so big it will not hide any makeup.A suspicious lump on the face of the actress immediately caused a lot of misunderstandings. Some experts on plastic surgery claim that this is the result of a facelift. However, some doctors believed that all the matter in the health problems, and actress seen in a long time doctors about it.So, the portal Awful Plastic Surgery suggests that 46-year-old actress pulled the skin filaments that are embedded under the skin and retain it. This procedure is quite fast and the result is usually manifested immediately. However, this widely used method is less used now because many patients after surgery have problems.- After thread lifting, there is a risk of complications. Sometimes threads just torn. Читать полностью -->

Guitarist `Queen` wrote Lady Gaga song

Guitarist `Queen` wrote Lady Gaga songThe Queen guitarist Brian may took part in the recording of one of the tracks for the new album of Lady Gaga, reports The Daily Mirror.Mei worked on the song entitled "You & I". It will be included in the album "Born This Way", the release of which is scheduled for may 2011. Lady Gaga is planning to release two versions of the album. The standard edition will include 14 tracks, collection of 17 original songs and five remixes. Recently the singer has published in his blog on Twitter covers both versions of the album.According to a source close to the singer Lady Gaga had long wanted to work with members of Queen. "If this group didn't exist, and Lady Gaga would never have appeared," the source said to The Daily Mirror. Читать полностью -->

Journal Star apologizes to Katie Holmes

Journal Star apologizes to Katie HolmesWife of Hollywood actor Tom cruise has made a public apology from the American journal Star, which through the court demanded compensation in the amount of $ 50 million for libel.Edition in the quest to make amends announced the decision to list "significant donation" to the Fund, a charity that supports 32-year-old actress Katie Holmes.Star together with the weekly National Inquirer is part of the media American Media group with headquarters in the state of Florida. "I am satisfied with the mutual settlement of the claim and accept the apology American Media", - said Holmes. According to her, the outcome of the dispute with the magazine allows it again to focus attention and energy on family and career.". . . . Читать полностью -->

YouTube removed the parody video blog Mikhalkov

YouTube removed the parody video blog MikhalkovAdministration of video hosting YouTube has removed a number of videos the user kamikadze-d, which contained a parody and criticism of the channel by Nikita Mikhalkov "Bezogen TV". It is reported OpenSpace.Formally, the videos were removed due to inadequacy of the rules of YouTube", however, according to the author - blogger Dmitry "kamikadze" Ivanov, its content does not contain anything contrary to the rules of operation of the video service. "YouTube deleted `Repentance Mikhalkov`. Deleted instantly. What was the reason to do this? Copyright I'm not broken, hate-fueled" - quoted Ivanov OpenSpace.The plot is devoted to parodies of Mikhalkov, last weekend showed the channel REN TV. He got hit with the movie clips that are currently unavailable on YouTube.The YouTube administration has not yet commented on the incident with blogger kamikadze-d.Vlog Nikita Mikhalkov under the brand "Bezogen TV" was launched on March 18. Читать полностью -->

`The fast and the furious 5` earned $520 million

`The fast and the furious 5` earned $520 millionThe movie "the fast and the furious 5" in the rental for the fifth week, continues to demonstrate remarkable for projects of this genre endurance.By the time of this writing world the box office receipts exceeded 520 million dollars and continues to grow.Best fifth "fast & Furious" proved to be in the UK and Russia, where her charges totaled 28.8 and 28.7 million, respectively.At the end of may 2011 "the fast and the furious 5" held first place in the list of highest grossing films 2011. His leadership may be challenged only with the release of summer blockbusters. Source: "fast and furious 5" earned $520 million. . . . Читать полностью -->

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